Sunday, February 1, 2015


I have enjoyed my creative time this week. 
I made this new scarf dancer collage

and worked on some pen and watercolor drawings. 

I have especially enjoyed these as I am now able to not worry about their wonkiness
 as they still resemble each item I was trying to draw.
Which was just what I wanted - more looseness and lots of enjoyment!


  1. I do love your girls; I'd like a skirt like that. Your 'wonky' drawings are beautiful, you can see the enjoyment in them so clearly.

  2. Wow, you are having fun, Kim. When my grand girls are over we dance around with scarves in hand being very serious ballerinas. I LOVE your drawings, especially the tools with their shadows.
    You were asking about how to join the weekly Drawing Challenge. Due to the fire and move, Ariane is not able to continue so we all just send out emails inviting previous participants to join in again. When I hear about the next theme I'll contact you. Have a wonderful week. xo

  3. Hello Kim, it is so good to be here visiting your blog and seeing all the beautiful creativity you have been up to. Your creativity is always beautiful to me no matter what you are doing...collage girls (are they because you are missing your daughters right now?)...birds on rocks...and now these wonderfully illustrative drawings! It's so great you are taking an online course. I hope you get your wish and that 2015 is less busy. I also hope your girls have safe and very happy travels! xoxo

  4. I love wonky! Wonky is the best! If you wanted it to be perfect you'd take a picture!

  5. oh your artwork is so beautiful. I love the movement in your dancer and your watercolor cards are very inspirational

  6. I'm loving your collage girls, the scarf dancer is so full of life. Your pen and watercolour drawings are wonderful too, I think I better get my sketchbook out too. What fun! :)