Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Winter Photos

Winter is on its way out 
but I had to share a few more of my photographs
from a beautiful winter day. 

Although I love winter 
I am happy that the days are getting longer, 
and the snow is melting. 

Onwards to spring and summer!


  1. Those snow pictures are stunning! We didn't have any snow this year and apart from Monday when i showered all day long, it's beginning to get sunny. The lighter evenings are great too, it feels as though there's more time to do things. I wish you sun and warmth!
    Jess xx

  2. wonderful images, just bueatiful

  3. Stunning photos! I'm awed by your part of the world and so glad that you share it with us (and more glad that I get to see it from the warmth of my part of the world!)

  4. How NICE! I love the last one the best = )