Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017 Weekly Journal

I made a new journal at the beginning of  2017.
I decorated the front and back covers with scribble drawings. 

Inside there are enough pages to make one spread per week for 2017

Here is week 2 completed

and week 3 completed

and the beginning of week 4 (January 23 - 29).
I start the page by gluing a few things down, and then write and decorate
 a bit each day - finishing the page on the Sunday of each week.

Hopefully I make it through all 52 weeks 
and share some here throughout the year.


  1. I love your work. What an extraordinary collection of personal journals you must have!

  2. What a great idea! And not so overwhelming as a blank page per day. Maybe my next journal/sketchbook should be like this.... Thanks for sharing, your pages are lovely!

  3. just love your journal... and that everyone has a unique way of doing it.. awesome.. book and pages..

  4. Loving this and look forward to watching the pages of your journey all year.