Friday, June 25, 2010

A Drawing and MORE Pages

As I said at the end of my last post, I felt like drawing - so draw I did. It felt good - and now I want to paint her, and I will... just not yet. After the drawing I did feel like working on a few more pages for the artsy notepads I am making. And here they are.....

I made 4 different types of these pages. They started as scrap paper that I saved from the recycling bin at work last year. The paper was heavy-ish (about 80 lb. I think), and although they had information on one side the other side was blank. There was about 100 posters, and I was sure I could do something with them. For these pages, I took 3 posters, and ripped them into the size I needed. I then used my sewing machine to sew 2 sheets together, and then stamped them and grunged them up to have the messy look that I like so much. They are decorated on both sides of the page.

I also made little pockets that can hold pieces of whatever a person may want. I am not sure if I will put bits of pieces in the pockets yet or not. They were made from an old paper grocery bag that I glued onto heavier cardstock.

In my mind's eye I see each of these "books" about an inch think, and if I am making 6 of them, I will need a stack about 6 inches high. I am just about at 4 inches, so will continue to make more pages. I have a few more in mind that I may even make yet tonight........


  1. looks like lots of fun! maybe we can have a creating date later in the summer? you make such beautiful things!

  2. Hi Kim, thanks for commenting on my blog! I LOVE your pages. :)

  3. Your papers and books you're making are beautiful! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.