Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moments of Makings

My time to create is very limited - sometimes this can be frustrating, but for this project it works fine. In the small moments I have each day, I am working on creating pages for a "book"... it is a bit like a treasure chest book, as the pages will be so varied.... some you can write, draw, paint or wander on in whatever way you want to, and some can be left just the way they are - or can be varied if the individual prefers. I am enjoying making them, as I can work on them bit by bit as my moments allow. The pages above are made with old tea bags, - pages from an old book that I painted over, - and old tissue paper sewing patterns. I do like to reuse whatever I have on hand.

I work a lot on the floor - I do have a desk, but it is usually full - and besides the floor is right there and it invites me to come down and spread out. I am a very messy in my makings - I wish I wasn't, but I am....

Each page has been so much fun to make - not sure if these are done or not, as I tend to keep adding to the pile, as they begin to stack up on the floor.


  1. The pages are looking wonderful... i love the warm colours and the layered effects you're creating. Look forward to seeing how the book comes together!

  2. I love your backgrounds! And I'm very envious of your floor-space to create :) Thanks for visiting my blog too, I will be following yours!

    Averil :D

  3. your pages look beautiful-
    my back would start to hurt on the floor for long tho!
    what did you do with the teabags?

  4. A fellow floor artist!! I love it! Your pages are amazing. I'll be keeping up with you for sure-- I just started my first artist journal, and I have a lot to learn, and seeing your work really inspires me to keep forging ahead. Thanks for the inspiration!!