Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tea Bag and Petals Made into Cards

I have been playing with making more cards with petals and leaves showing through cut out areas in the cards. They are fun but time consuming.

And I need some advice....

some of them I have left just as they are...

and some I have drawn around with a rough "frame on the inside of the cut out, as well as the edge of the card.....

and ones where the petals were not quite so defined I drew in where they may go, and scribbled some words around them

or stamped a word over top the cut out...

my question is which way should I do them?

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!


  1. Wow! So wonderful, I really love the one with the words scribbled around it. Your so talented.

  2. Hey Kim, such beautiful art cards! When I looked at them larger right away the one with Nature stamped on the top really was my favorite.
    Great work. Hope you are having a very nice weekend.

  3. Kim, I like seeing the artists 'hand' in their art, so I like the ones where you outline and scribble.

  4. Hello, first time I have left a comment here I think. I've got to say that I like all the cards with all the various finishes which probably doesn't help you much but maybe you could just keep doing whatever seems right for each individual one. I like the diversity. Karen

  5. I'm with rewdesign! I love the outlines and scribbles. These are beautiful!