Friday, May 6, 2011

Creative Time at a Minimum

The amount of creative time I have at the moment is very limited, but I hope to be able to change that after next week is over. For now, all I have to share is a couple of small folders I made to hold small drawings and paintings.

The folders are made with sturdy soft cover that can be bent somewhat and yet does not crease easily. They are quite durable, and feel very nice.

Instead of decorating them with stitching I decided to copy a couple of my drawings and add them to the covers.

They are ready for me to fill with pieces of various weights of paper.

I really like the idea of these little folders to hold drawings or paintings. No more pressure of "wrecking" a sketch book if you don't like a drawing - you can keep it, or not it is up to you.


  1. You are amazing! The folders are great, I can't believe you accomplish so much even when you have so little time!

  2. These really are a great idea! And you make them so pretty! And I LOVE the notebooks below! Gorgeous!!!


  3. great their rusticness too...:)