Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Naturalist Notebooks

Here are a couple of new notebooks I created

They are soft covered, and have images from my photos on the front.

Inside the pages are all decorated, but there is room for taking notes or writing quotes or poems.

I call them naturalist notebooks as they are books that look like they have been out in the weather - and they have enjoyed it.

Here is the last page and the back cover.

Here you can see both the front and back cover of this one.

The inside cover and messy decorated pages.....

Many decorated pages .... just waiting to be written in. What shall I write?


  1. Good morning Kim, I got Cloth Paper and Scissors yesterday and as soon as I flicked through it I immediately saw you piece. You have your own style. Congratulations.

  2. they are beautiful....i can imagine them filled with flowy handwriten and b/w drawings..

  3. These are quite lovely ....x

  4. How wonderful! The colours are amazing. :)