Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trust our Own Choice

"we have to trust our own choice after all, and end with the simple belief that what pleases us is beautiful. indeed, no other rule is of any use to us, and if we do but honestly please ourselves, and make forms which genuinely give us pleasure, we shall find ourselves credited with the power of designing beautiful things." - richard hatton

I found these lovely words on this blog. It was at a time that I needed them. I followed my muse when making this - and I like it, but wondered if others would. After reading this, I realized it didn't really matter. Some people may like it, others of course may not, but that is okay.

I wanted to use some fabric, and I love the look of mixing thread work (I wouldn't call it embroidery, as I can't really do that, and was looking for a rustic look) with paper and images. I wanted to stay away from throwing more paint and muck at it as I usually do, but rather trying for a cleaner, somewhat neater look - something I don't usually do....... and in the end, I like it.


  1. Hey Kim, I like this piece alot! Something about the tones and it looks like it has some awesome texture, good work!

  2. Isn't it fun to just make something for yourself? And trying new things or new looks - I think it keeps us fresh as artists. I loved the quote - always good for me to remember that :)
    Hope you are well!

  3. Hi welcome to my blog thanks for visiting & would love to have you back!

    I love your new face, such gentle eyes. That quote is wonderful - I'm working on it but sometimes it's hard ;)

    Your books are delicious!

  4. its a lovely piece, lovely texture and layers and yet simple...

  5. I like it too and don't judge your stitching as not being embroidery. That's the same thing as judging your work to not be beautiful. Take that whole saying to heart and declare this as decorated with simple embroidery!