Sunday, April 24, 2011

Teabag Art Cards

Oh what fun I have had the past couple of days! I should be doing some housekeeping, but I haven't.....perhaps on Monday.

My supply of cards to give people was low and old, and I decided it was time to make some new ones.

So I got out my favourite art supply - used, dried and emptied tea bags.

I added some stamps, inks and paint and glued them to some cards.....
I now have some lovely cards to choose from.

All of the cards above are from stamps that I have purchased. I think my favourite card is the bluish card with three bare trees on it (1st picture with 3 cards in it)

But these will also be favourites because I made them using my hand carved stamps.


  1. These are lovely. Only two days ago I stumbled upon an artist on line who uses the dried out tea bag paper so I immediately made myself a cup and couldn't wait for it to dry so did so with a hair dryer and then emptied and ironed flat the paper and I have been admiring it for two days. Just like it is. I've been dreaming about what I could do with them and I filled 8 pages with ideas. So now for me to come across this post is really just the most delightful thing. These are really beautiful. (Cards were not on my idea pages by the way) *smiles* Norma

    1. Try NOT ironing! I love the crinkles and the irregular stains from the tea.

  2. Hey Kim, so very pretty! Looks like a really fun project and now you have all these wonderful cards! Also hope you're having a nice Easter!

  3. Hello Kim and thank you for visiting my blog. Your cards are so lovely and varied. I so love the idea of using teabags as a base but I'm on round ones at the moment...they just wouln't be the same! I was thrilled to see your work inCloth, paper scissors...I'm enjoying my copy. Fab magazine!

  4. Hello Fab Artist,

    These are superb. Im going to try them today. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. ii love using tea bags too but hadnt thought of cards.......i used straberry and raspberry tea ones recently and the pinky bags are beautifull..your cards are gorgeous and so handy to a have a stash when you need it...

  6. love all those gorgeous cards. I love them on the white, really makes the colors stand out.

  7. These cards are gorgeous - every one of them!

  8. Wow!! The cards are beautiful!! You must have had a great time making them! How lucky each recipient will be!!


  9. I never thought to save my tea bags. I'll have to see how Lipton's bags fare being dried and flattened out. Your cards are gorgeous. I am on a really low supply of cards myself but hadn't found anything I wanted to do for more. Hmmm....first things first, gotta go make a cup of tea!

  10. Great, use used teabags too , for my drawings :


  12. These are beautiful, such unique arty designs. I would like to know more about how you do this but appreciate this post is 4 yrs ago so..... I may have to dry some teabags & experiment. Gorgeousness.