Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthdays and a Handmade Book

Here are my 2 daughters.  This picture was taken 15 years ago this past weekend, on their 4th and 2nd birthday.  The birthdays have flown by so quickly, and now they are 19 and 17 years old.  I got to spend time with the 17 year old on her birthday over the weekend, but the 19 year old is at university  many many miles from home, so I did not get to see her. 

In the summer the older daughter and I spent a wonderful day together, where we drove a few hours to a little town on the Alaskan coast.  We spent the day wandering on some trails

and exploring the coastline.  It was indeed a magical day not to be forgotton.

I decided to make my daughter a small book that contained a bit of the memories of that day, and send it to her in a birthday parcel.


The pages are made out of paper that I made 
and unfold to show three images on a spread.

A little book that will hopefully remind her of a wonderful day we spent together.


  1. What adorable little girls! And lovely young women too I’m sure. So nice to have a tangible memory of a day spent together! I’m sure she’ll cherish it. (I didn’t know you were so close to Alaska. I have to change your ‘geo-dot’ in my head map! LOL)

  2. What a precious birthday gift your your girl. The time passes by too quickly doesn't it? My youngest son of two is getting married in January.

  3. The book will remind her of how much you love her along with memories of the day. Have a good week.

  4. This is so sweet......beautiful!

  5. So pretty and thoughtful. This one makes my heart hurt. My two kids are on the cusp - middle school age - and I feel them slipping out of my grasp just a little bit. I know it has to happen, but I don't like it!

  6. What a lovely birthday present and one that will become a precious treasure.
    I have really enjoyed seeing your new work and loved the three trees on the tea bags. You have such a delicate touch.
    The first snow looked so pretty, thank you for sharing all your beautiful photographs. The scenery is wonderful and I can see how nature inspires you.
    Look forward to seeing how you get on with your course, have fun.

  7. what a perfect gift to commemorate a special day with your lovely girl on her special day! -sus

  8. What lucky girls they are to have you for a mom!

  9. So you know how to make paper too... What a beautiful treasure!

  10. Such cute girls! and a beautiful gift, too.