Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors

I have been waiting for my copy of this magazine, and it finally arrived in my mailbox this past week. It is always slow getting to me, - it has been in stores for quite some time.
The reason I have been waiting for it is because it has one of my mixed media pieces in it.
It is fun to see it there with a bit of a write up beside it.

The colours in the actual piece are a bit more intense then what it shows in the magazine.
It is made with a face painting I made that I copied and then added bits and pieces of material, paper I made and decorated , some bits of text out of old books and then I stamped on it with white acrylic paint and sewed it all together on my lovely old machine.


  1. oh how exciting. I love your work and to see it in print must make you feel so happy.
    Cloth Paper Scissors is one of my favorite magazines

  2. Hey Kim, how totally exciting! I am so thrilled for you ... this is a wonderful magazine, I'm headed to the bookstore to get this special issue so I can gaze at your gorgeous artwork up close. Way to go, girl!

  3. Awesome, you! I'm so excited for you!!! yay!
    I can't wait to see it in person!

  4. Ditto, ditto, ditto! On everything being said! Congratulations!

  5. Kim, be proud! I cant wait to see it in the magazine when it arrives in Australia.

    well done

  6. You must be dancing with the stars! Surely you are going out today and buy up as many copies as you can find! See - Dreams do Come True