Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you Robin (from Pink House Studio) for awarding my the Stylish Blogger Award! As part of the award I am supposed to tell 7 things about me.... so here goes...
I am shy.... therefore have a difficult time leaving comments on peoples blogs (although I love it when people leave me comments), and taking self portraits.

I am continuing to teach myself to draw. I decided to try to learn about 4 years ago, but have very little time to work on it, but I will continue trying.

I create in a variety of mediums.... often ones that are not normal to work in (this is teabag art), in art making I tend not to follow rules ...

I love to work on the floor - could that be because my desk is always full of stuff???

this is one of my favourite quotes.....

I love to take pictures of doors and windows (and I have no idea what that means)

I have played hockey since I was a young girl, and today love to play with my two teenage daughters .
And now I am supposed to pass this Stylish Blogger Award along to the creaters of a few of my favourite blogs.

1. I love visiting this blog - She creates lovely work and I am proud to admit that she is my niece!
2.Ramona has wonderful words, drawings, photos and other wonders that provide me inspiration
3. I love looking at the stitches, paper and material that this artist puts together
4. The beautiful images here inspire me to get out with my camera


  1. oooo always fun to learn something new about great bloggers like you

  2. What a great photo of you Kim! You look so beautiful!
    I enjoyed finding out more about you and never would have guessed that you've only been creating art for a few short years!
    Doors and windows are openings.
    Your being open to try different ways to express yourself is inspiring and makes for exiting art.
    Thank you for including me in your passing on of the Stylish blogger award.:)