Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am definitely a muckbucket. I am very messy when I create, and my creations are often messy too. These books use some of my favourite ways of creating.

The covers are thick layers of paint that I mucked about to mix the colours a bit, but not too much. I then 'drew' in them with the end of my paint brush to add some depth, and when the paint was dry I stamped on them.

The decorated pages on the covers (inside and out) and the blank pages inside are made out of lovely heavy paper that were posters on one side and blank on the other. (I got them out of the recycle bin) I sewed the pages together so they are now blank on both sides. If you look closely at the edges you can see a bit of the words from the posters.

I love using items that were heading for disposal or recycling...

and am happy with how these little books turned out. I wish I had time to make some more....perhaps another day!


  1. Hmmmm... you may say 'muck bucket' but these books are truly gorgeous! The varying textures and details make them so unique.... beauty from 'ashes'!!
    hugs xxx

  2. These are gorgeous!
    xoxo from another messy Kim

  3. "MuckBucket" - I thought that was a made-up word until I googled it. Actually it's quite appropriate - like you, I do more paint mixing on the canvas than on my pallette - I might have to borrow that word if you don't mind!

  4. These are truly lovely. It really shows that you had fun making a mess with them - a beautiful mess for sure|!|
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs and blessings