Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day to Play

It is a very rare day that I don't feel like creating things. Today was one of those days, and yet I had the whole day off work, as well as only a few family obligations. I wondered why I didn't want to create.... I ALWAYS want to create things. After thinking about it for a few minutes I realized that I didn't want to work on what I was supposed to be doing - sewing luminaries.... I wanted to work on something that I haven't worked on for a long time. And so I gave myself a 'Day to Play' on something different. And what I chose was some jewelry.

This is a picture of a piece of metal strapping that I found in the recycle bin at work a few months ago. When I found it I thought it would be perfect for making some jewelry, and so it came home with me.

I cut and filed various bits and sizes of the strapping, and was thinking about how I was going to use them and wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and ended up with a big cut on my finger that sent me to the health centre (no doctors or hospital here) to get it fixed up.

And so this project was put on hold for the past 6- 8 weeks, and I picked it up today.

and I created this necklace.

The metal piece (from the strapping) is covered with a piece of paper from an old book that I stamped onto, and covered with resin and then wax. I mounted it on the metal, wrapped a piece of black cord around it, and attached a connecting ring to it. The cord I have it on is wrapped with black cord to give it a bit more interest.

At this point I debated whether I should add more to the necklace, and so I did and now I am not sure which I like better. I would appreciate your thoughts on which one you prefer. The simple version above.....

or this messier one with a number of things hanging beside the bird covered metal.

Because it is a bit hard to see how it hangs when it was laying on my table, I took a picture with me modeling it (even though it doesn't have a clasp yet)

I would love to hear your thoughts about the necklaces and remind you it is so important to give yourself a day to play every now and then.


  1. Hi Kim, beautiful necklace! I love the background and the bird. I think either way is very pretty, and it looks nice on you! For me, I would choose just the charm. I'm in a "simple" mode lately. My favorite part to the one with the other charms is the 2 pieces of ball chain from the that look!

  2. Well right away I chose the simple version as well. The wrapped element is so clean (Japanese style) to me. Yet the 'charm' style catches the eye as well. Maybe they are just two differing styles of necklace and are perfect in their own right. I'd wear the simple one to the opera and the charm one out to dinner and a drink with friends. *smiles* Norma

  3. First of all, OUCH! I’m sorry you injured yourself and hope you are all healed now! Second, I vote for the ‘messier’ one! Much more interesting with more going on. (And you should model your pieces more often! You are beautiful!)

  4. I love the necklace - both versions - but my favorite is the 2nd one. The simplicity of the bird charm amongst all the other charms is delightful. It's like the bird is peeking out from the 'mess'!

  5. Hey Kim ... I was thinking my choice would be the first one because I like simple and don't wear necklaces very often but then I saw the second one on you and that looks just beautiful! I love the way it hangs. Glad you took a play day and hope your digit is healed!

  6. Ooh, I love the "messier" version! I really, really like it!! Are you going to sell it... hint hint?


  7. This idea was brilliant! Instead of throwing away the scrap metal strapping, you were able to think of a good way to use it. It turned out wonderful, but I’d like to remind you to be always careful when you handle your tools. Continue creating wonderful items, Kim!

    -Carl Patten

  8. Since you asked, I wanna say that I like the messier one. The added accessories give the necklace more character and statement. And no one would think that it's made out of a scrap metal strapping. Now that's another way of making use of your disposed metal strapping at home. This is really creative, Kim. Two thumbs up!
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