Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Carved Stamps

I love carving new stamps that I can use on various projects I am working on, and because I only had a little time to create this week, I thought it was a good time to make some new stamps.... little projects that take little bits of time.
So I carved a branch that can be used by itself, or as a repeated stamp to make a larger messy style branch.

I then carved some seed pod like things....

and finished up with some leaves and little berries.

and then I decided I should have a little book that I could stamp the carved stamps in.... just for fun. So I got some heavy brown paper that was sitting around the studio, ripped it into strips and sewed them together into a little book.

I painted the pages....

and then used my new stamps to decorate the pages

I plan to write a bit on each of the pages, but so far have only written on the first page.

the next pages are painted on

and stamped onto

but no words yet....

but they will come, as will more painted pages and more new handcarved stamps as I have time. I am looking forward to using these new stamps on handmade books and cards.

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  1. I love the carved stamps. I've always wanted to try it. The little book you made for the stamps is apiece of art in itself.

  2. These look awesome. I love them all, especially the pod thingys! We must have a crafting day soon, miss you!

  3. Love the stamps! (I bet people would buy these if you ever decide to sell them, I know I would!)

  4. Stamp carving is on my list of "things I need to learn to do"
    yours are beautiful, as the above person said, you should think about making some to sell :)

  5. stamp carving is something i want to try too, love your book....

  6. These are so lovely, Kim.
    Your have definitely carved out your style now.
    I just noticed they have a carved stamp challenge in the newest Cloth, Paper Scissors. Check it out....You need to get published again!
    xoxo Kim

  7. Hey Kim,I just love how your stamps and little book turned out ... so pretty ... and you know how much I appreciate words added to art!

  8. The stamps are awesome! It loos beautiful in the one you wrote on.

  9. Yummy textures on your little book with the great little stamps;-)))