Monday, September 26, 2011

Soft Covered Handmade Books

Growing up I always loved books - whether that was a book to read or one to write or draw in (although I didn't draw because I didn't think I could) I especially loved hard covered books, and when I first started making books I loved making hard covered books.... but times change and lately I have really enjoyed making soft covered books.

This soft covered book was made as a 'thank you' gift

The covers are made from material and paper and layers of paint, and ink with a final layer of wax. The feel of the cover is hard to describe, but I love the feel of them.

This is a thicker book that I made as a gift for a friend.

It has so many different layers of paint, and took a long time to get to a stage that I was happy with.

BUT FINALLY I finished the cover... here is the inside cover before I added the pages.

and here is the finished book - outside....

and inside.

And the final book I have to share today is one that I hope to be selling. Here you can see the inside of the cover and the pages that will go inside the book.

- the inside of the front cover with many layers of paint.

- and a close up of the outside front cover

and the book as it is now - finished front view

- finished back view

and finished inside view..... which includes sewn together recycled poster pages (my favourites).


  1. These are wonderful. Love all the textures too.

  2. I love this so much, your books definitely have a beautiful countrified atmosphere (wished I lived closer to get a sneak peak ...)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

    I love those books almost as much as the beautiful Luminary that arrived in my letter box yesterday, I am so happy with it, it is stunning and at night glows happily away in my living room.

    I made a little blog post about it too if you want a peak ;o)

    Thank you so much for picking me in your giveaway.

    Micki x

  4. I really adore your stuff! Really, really!
    I found you through Micki from The Secret Hermit and I am glad I did!

  5. You have lovely things here! So glad The Secret Hermit mentioned you on her blog. I am a follower now : )

  6. Love these soft covered journals. They are stunning. I followed the link to your blog via Micki's blog (The Secret Hermit). I'm now a follower also. Where do counsel your journals? They are gorgeous.

    Kyles :D

  7. All 3 of these are gorgeous!! I especially love the inside of the 2nd one... I can see it inspiring a large, soft abstract painting on a wall. beautiful! I just love your handcarved stamps too. Such great designs.


    Was I really not already following your blog? I thought I was!? WEll.. I am now :-)