Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cold Winter Day

It was a cold day today.  It was - 40.  No matter what scale you use celsius or farenheit, -40 is the same temperature on both scales.

I live at the base of these mountains.  It is very  beautiful but at this time of year our nights are long.  And although I love winter, I do enjoy the warmth and light the sun brings. 
As I mentioned in my previous post November was a difficult month for me.  The difficulties continue, but what is different is my approach, as I work hard to understand, accept  and move on. 
Creating always helps.  My creative release is usually with visual arts, but a few nights ago I created with words.
Winter Words
I sit quietly in the cold of the winter,
blocking out the parts of life not deserving of my energies.
I gently nurture the broken open vulnerability I feel inside,
as the days, now all too short, will lengthen with the light,
taking over my being and letting my heart
fill once again to overflowing.

On the visual art side, I am working on a couple of pieces

that are experiments.   I will let you know if they work out.


  1. Powerful words, Kim.
    Here the snow is falling falling falling
    softly for days that are mostly night. Only a couple more weeks til solstice, though - hold tight, we can make it! -sus

  2. I'll absorb some sunshine for you and send it your way. I think we got out just in time!

  3. I just want to give you a big warm hug, it is cold here in the UK at at the moment too but never as cold as it is with you!!
    Your poem was beautiful, as beautiful as your art, you are a very talented lady.
    I hope your troubles fade soon x

  4. Snow is falling here too, i woke up in a white world today, the bare trees i look at through my window resembled the ones in your work, now they are decorated with softness,
    a softness i find also in your poem, hope, for everything changes, there is always that, xx

  5. Love your winter words and you art! Hope your troubles and worries ease soon.

  6. i'm sorry you are aching, kim.
    your honesty and openness are touching.
    and i'm glad for you, you can open up further inwards, by creating. i find the result quite breathtaking.
    now, i also have a drawing challenge new theme for you here, with me. if you feel like it, it is rather an out of season whim, you'll see.
    one never knows...
    ayaya - ooy! ;)))

  7. Beautiful, tender words and absolutely gorgeous new pieces! Love seeing the images near your home ... stay warm and focus on the constant changes.

  8. Did you say MINUS forty degrees???????? OMG
    That you can still function, much less make art in sub-zero weather is beyond me!
    Lovely poem!

  9. It seems to me that your "experiments" have definitely worked out! They are lovely. I really cannot imagine how it feels to be in minus 40 weather. But to see those mountains every day. What a gift.

  10. kimmy,i love your shots! great light in both of them and i love the shadows from the mountains. almost like a metaphor for how you are feeling. always some light coming in even though they are with some shadows/darkness.
    our poem was beautiful. as brene brown would most likely agree, showing vulnerability by being open and honest (being in the arena) may feel scary, but it is courage and bravery to others. keep on creating! you are SO talented.

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