Friday, December 14, 2012

Seeds of Hope

I have been playing once again with a tea bag, acrylic paint and pan pastels.

And I thought it was finished at this point, but .....

when I looked at it the next day, I decided it needed a bit more and added some pencil work (some of which is quite subtle and difficult to see in this image) with both a black watersoluable pencil, and a regular HB pencil. 

I then called it finished again.  We will see over the next few days whether it needs anything else. 

I called it 'seeds of hope'.  I continually seem to be planting seeds of hope these days, and am sure some of them will sprout with good things in the near and perhaps distant future. 


  1. I love the color of the tea bag. What a beautiful creation. Sending you lots of love and hope!

  2. Kim your creation here is so delicate and full of elegance. I DO hope your seeds sprout great huge big for you!

  3. glad you didn't stop the last step is perfect. btw, love the new banner.

  4. This is beautiful, Kim - so subtle. Love it.


  5. Never put down a tea bag, acrylic paint and pan pastels. You work wonders with them.

  6. I agree with Louise, no one works a humble tea bag into such a beautiful piece of art. I have looked at many of your pieces, and the matting is perfect. It makes such a lovely presentation. I still have 50 or so bags, but never seem to get the courage to really do something with them. I need to sit by your side for an evening and just observe. That would be so fun.
    Thank you for the many time you drop by my blog. I don't have a way of answering directly to someone leaving a comment. Must be something I am not understanding. But that's okay...
    I hope that all of your seeds of hope come true this coming year! You work so hard at all you do.

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous Kim!

  8. It is always a delight to see your lovely art work. The tea bag pieces are just lovely and having played a little with my pile of tea bags I really can appreciate your work. I love the bird too. This year seems to have passed by so quickly. I am also looking forward to a new year and some new ideas, new seeds to sow!
    Hope you are looking forward to a lovely family Christmas. My daughter is home tomorrow, not seen her for six months, will be so nice to spent time together. Enjoy your time with your girls. Hope you are keeping warm and cosy. x

  9. I love your "seeds of hope"! so wonderful!
    :-) mano

  10. nice thought, planting the hope.
    the result is stunning, the black does stand out against the softer colours...

  11. Your seeds of hope are safely planted and will thrive in the coming year. I need to plant some too!