Friday, December 28, 2012


I have been contently wandering between Christmas and New Years with my family.  We have few committments and can relax and do whatever happens.    
Yesterday I wandered back into my little art studio, and began this piece, which I finished today. 

I then wandered onto the computer to play with it a bit,

and then the final wander was trying it in a mat.

Oh what a lovely wander I have had.
I hope you all have had wonderful wanders this past week, and wish you all some fantastic wanders in the upcoming year!


  1. I'm normally a white matte kind of girl, but I love this piece in the black matte! Enjoy your wanderings!

  2. Oh yes! The black matte is wonderful for this piece. So strong! Thank you for a lovely wander Kim! See you in the new year art friend! Hugs, Norma, x

  3. yes, very interesting and so beautiful! so deep.
    you always remind me that I should frame my artworks...
    x Stefanie

  4. so beautiful - I connected with this immediately! thank you for sharing

  5. The altered piece is striking! I bet that would look wonderful in a wide white matte.

  6. I love your wandering story and where your artistic path has taken you this year... Happy New Year Kim, thank you for the unique beauty that you share here... the way you work with darks and lights is like no other...

  7. Happy new year and wishing you a wonderful creative 2013.
    Lovely work and nice to hear you enjoyed finding time to create during the days of Christmas and new year. I expect you have lots of snow and it looks very pretty. Keep warm and cosy.