Sunday, April 26, 2015

Books for Secrets

I have so many unfinished items on my desk these days,
but I finally finished a couple of small pocket books. 

I decorated the covers with bits of a copy of a drawing I did, 
and added some texture and colour. 

The pages inside the book are actually pockets 
that are decorated in a similar manner to the covers. 

This book is decorated with paint, bits of paper, and stamps rather than a drawing. 

The pockets are just waiting to hold secrets of some kind
be that poems, drawings, quotes, love notes or secret wishes. 


  1. How many secrets will this little book hold?

  2. These are adorable! I can just imagine all the secrets they will hold.

  3. I love the idea of pockets and secrets.

  4. So lovely, so simple, so secretive.

  5. Just lovely the pockets...feel inspired!

  6. HI Kim, I love your colors and books. I would love to know what stamp you used on the cover of the golden yellow book. You called the stamp leaves. It is a kind of tall vine leaf. I really like it and would appreciate knowing who makes it. Thanks Cecilia

    1. Hi Cecilia - Thanks for your comment. I tried to contact you to answer you directly, but couldn't find your contact information. I didn't use a stamp on the golden book, but rather used a copy of a drawing I had made. I used a stamp on the other book, but it was one of my hand carved stamps. Kim