Thursday, April 16, 2015

For the Love of Play

A collage I created recently 
with some words I wrote about it.

When I was a child I learned to play.
I learned it well.
It was at times all encompassing.
As we grow older we sometimes forget how to play.
  But play brings joy, and so I let my inner child out.
I jump, I skip, I twirl and spin,
I tear up paper, scribble, and splash some paint around.
Joyful, playful times.
 Seeing children at play, I smile,
 wishing them lifetimes worth of play filled days.
I close my eyes to see a world
filled with the love of play.

View from the back 

View as it stands up


  1. These are so full of playfulness.and I love the attention to detail on the back.

  2. Love these, they brought a smile to my face right from the first photo. What I would give to be a child again. ;)

  3. What Twinkle Toes said!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. nice!!!!

    it's been a while
    the new DC-theme is up
    and i am the host
    are you in?.....