Friday, April 10, 2015

Little Bits of Creative Play

I like using my own carved stamps in things I create.
My designs are pretty rustic and simple,
 but they are meant to be a part of my creations
not the whole.

When I only have little bits of creative times
I will make a small stamp carved onto an eraser.

My past week has only had small bits of creative time
And so I carved a few stamps.

This ladder stamp has a wiggly ladder on the bigger side,
and a small ladder carved into the eraser edge. 

This flower stamp can be stamped once or twice to make a larger flower.
The first stamps I did (left hand image) didn't have enough white in the petals
so I carved away a bit more.

I then tried them on some tissue paper I had coloured. 
Bits of these will eventually show up in some other creations. 

And then I played a bit altering them on the computer. 

All projects that can be done in the little bits of creative play time.


  1. Oh oh oh!! That leaf!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ I LOVE that leaf!

  2. So more beautiful than mass produced stamps and a great way to fill a little creative space.

  3. Gorgeous looking stamps. I keep meaning to have a go at carving my own.

  4. Fantastic!!! I have some carving tools, not opened yet, so I really should have a play. :D

  5. You say "rustic and simple" but I say "delightful", Kim!

  6. Your stamps are 'simply' wonderful and I always love your color palette.

  7. Wonderful, I love the vibrant colours!

  8. Beautiful....they make me smile!