Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baking Sheet to Magnet Board

My very creative neice moved into her own place not long ago, and I wanted to make her something special for her new creative spot.
And I decided on a magnet board where she can hang her creations or her inspirations

I bought a baking sheet and painted it with layers of acrylic paint, wrote on it with a permanent pen, and finished it with a thin coat of cold wax.

I drilled some holes in the top corner added a hanger, made some magnets and there you have it a magnet board ready to hang her creations or inspirations on!

The magnets are made out of clear flat glass marbles that have painted pieces of paper and magnets glued to.

Because there were 2 trays in the package I made another one...

This one I painted and stencilled, and then added some stamps from my handcarved fish stamp.

The magnets were made the same way,

the hanger was added, and now this magnet board is finished as well.


  1. Kim - very clever idea! These are so cool. What do you mean by a thin coat of 'cold' wax? Just curious as usual - lol.

  2. Clever and lovely! I bet your niece was thrilled! (and you get one to boot!)

  3. Thanks again - I love mine so much. But its too gorgeous to cover up with inspirations! I love how your other one turned out, and especially the picture of Brookie!

  4. Thanks for all of your kind comments.. To answer the question about the wax... I use Dorlands Wax Medium (paste like wax that you don't heat) as a final coating in many of the things I make. It protects the surface, and can be buffed to give a small sheen.

  5. Fantastic creations.... You so talented :)

  6. Wow! That is incredible, Kim. What a wonderful idea!


  7. You are so creative and MAJORLY resourceful. You are a GREEN GAL! And I think that is wonderful.
    This magnet board is one great example of re-purposing an cookies for this sheet!