Monday, August 22, 2011

A few weeks ago I sent off this little box of items to apply to sell my creations at a juried art sale.

I tried my best to include an assortment of my creations so that if I was accepted I could choose what I wanted to create to sell.
I am happy to say I was selected to sell my creations at the sale. At the same time that I am happy I also am a little paniced, as I need to get busy creating things I can sell.

One of the things I decided to make for sale is tea bag and flora art cards. These cards are quite a bit of work, as I like to display these bits in cards with openings in them, and the openings take me a long time to cut. I cut one layer in the card itself, and another piece of card is cut to go inside the card behind the tea bag transparent piece.

I worked on these all day yesterday. This one has a couple of lily petals in it. Lilies petals are one of my favourite to work with, as the petals have beautiful striations in them that you only really see when the light shines through them.

Here are the cards I managed to finish yesterday. I still have some more to put together and will need to continue to make some more of these before the sale.

(The sale is not until the end of November, and yes that is a long way off, but a full time job and driving my daughter to hockey (100 miles one way) 3 times a week takes up a lot of my time.... So I need to work towards this goal a little bit at a time)


  1. Kim - congrats! I am not surprised though - your work is fabulous. I love the cards. I use a dry/erase board and assign myself tasks to make sure I get stuff done before a show. Don't panic!

  2. Moving out of a comfort zone is scary, but a sign of growth. Congratulations Kim. All your work is unique and beautiful. Stay with it.

  3. Congratulations! The cards are lovely! Here's hoping you sell out!

  4. Oh, These will be beautiful for the sale! So, so lovely.

  5. The cards are so beautiful. They seem to alive and glowing! :)

  6. Good for you, girl! Your beautiful work should always be out there for all to see and enjoy ...
    so get busy!

  7. much hard work, filled with talent and care. So happy for you Your cards look as though they require much time and careful work....I hope everything sells out!!! smiles: sharon

  8. Congratulation!!!
    Wishing you tons of sales =^.^=