Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Few New Books

I have been busy making books lately. These were made from supplies I got out of the recycle bin at work. The pages out of an old flower book became the covers....
(with a piece of an old file folder between the flower pages)

and the pages inside the book are made of old posters that were blank on one side. I ripped the poster into small pieces and sewed the pieces together with the blank sides out for the pages.

I love giving things a new life that would otherwise be heading for the garbage or recycle centre!


  1. AGAIN WOW! I am not sure I would ever think to reuse these particular materials. I bet your recycle can has almost nothing in it. And to create something so unique an beautiful. These journals are full of charm...lucky recipient, or maybe you will sell them. You inspire us all to not run to the store for everything, but to look around us!...or the office.

  2. The consideration for Mother Earth is evident in this precious book and the positive loving energy it evokes (see Sharon's wonderful comment) is so uplifting. Thank you!

  3. Hey Kim, you know how much I love these books because of the thought and kindness you put into them! Besides that, they are beautiful!

  4. Great books! Love how the flowers are sideways! Gives them a ‘saucy’ little difference.