Monday, August 8, 2011

Plaster Vessel

In the Plaster course I took in June/July, Stephanie Lee showed us how to make vessels out of plaster. I loved the look of them, but for some reason it took me a lot of time to build up enough courage to give it a try. I think it was because I wanted to ensure I had enough time to work on it, and having the past week off work, I decided to give it a try.

I made my vessel in a crude boat shape. It is made out of wire and covered with plaster. (Tricker than it sounds) Once this part was completed, it took about 3 days to dry.

I then painted the outside, coated the inside with a layer of encaustic wax, which I carved into, and then rubbed a thin layer of paint onto the wax.

I enjoyed making it, and one day when I once again have a big chunk of time, I will make another one.

But for now, it is time to finish up a few chores, and clean up the art supplies as it is back to work tomorrow. It has been a wonderfully creative week!


  1. I love your plaster vessel! What size is it? I'm wondering how clay would react -- oh the possibilities! I've made a couple of tiles to test - waiting on enough work to fill my kiln.

    Hope work doesn't take up too much time -- always love to see your creative stuff!

  2. Hey Kim, it's really beautiful! I didn't realize the size until I saw it in your hands, bigger than I thought ... good job!
    Also loving your header collage.

  3. I love that pod/boat shape and your minimalist touch on this piece as well as the incising that looks like stitching. Well done!
    xoxo Kim

  4. This is so gorgeous! Glad you've had a wonderful week off!

  5. Lovely vessel! What wonderful things is it going to hold?

  6. Hi I was in the plaster class, and I finally had the courage to put something on the photo list...wish my pieces could have been as zen like, calm and peaceful as yours. I am so happy you had time to try this process. You are so correct, it does take a lot of time and thought and for many of us a new medium to work in. I hope you do more. smiles: sharon

  7. Absolutley fabulous.
    I hope that you follow through with more work in plaster.