Sunday, June 16, 2013

Decorated Booklet & Envelope

In my cleaning up and finishing up that I am slowly trying to do I came across these little pieces that I began long ago.

Since I decided to finish them, I thought I would take pictures and show you the process along the way.
I had found old posters in the recycle bin at work.
The paper was a beautiful quality,  and I decided it really should be reused and not recycled.

I tore it into four pieces of the same size, and decorated the blank side with bits and pieces of stamps and ink.
I tore a long piece of paper that I folded in half, and then folded to create an envelope with.
I decorated the outside portion with stamps, leaving blank space of where the address would go.

Here is the back of the envelope when it is folded.
It still needs to be sewn together.
Once I completed the stamping, I took a fine black permanent marker, and doodled loosely onto the designs.
I took the pieces to my sewing machine, and sewed the pages and the envelopes together.
I then had two pages that were decorated on both sides and an envelope.
I put the two pages together and sewed them down the middle.
In the end I had a little decorated booklet with a decorated envelope.
Perfect for writing a letter on and sending to a friend.


  1. Wonderful idea. It is apleasure visiting your blog, always. Have a nice Sunday. Greetings, Inge

  2. It turned out so lovely I'd be hesitant to put it in the mail! :O LOL

  3. You were wise to rescue these pages, Kim. As always, most lovely and creative.

    I thanked you for the lovely necklace, but I also treasure the little bee card that accompanied it!

  4. Gorgeous - you are so inspiring - I can picture it with a few b&w snapshots from a special day. . .

  5. Kim, you do the most admirable stuff. I love love the natural background you put on your bases. I learn a love every time I visit your blog. I love the calendar you did for you sister as well. You should make some for sell! Hugs Nat

  6. so simple - but exquisite...and I love that you re-used some paper too wonderful to toss - excellent all around!

  7. You should try out for Lilla Rogers Talent Search, I think you really have a shot at winning. If you can't find a link, I will have one on my blog Tuesday.

  8. Your simple yet elegant project and tutorial inspire, Kim!

  9. absolutely
    lucky friend....

  10. your artwork is so, so inspiring!
    i also always love how you take us through the processes.

  11. As always you create such beautiful projects. Your own little unique touches that make your work so special and yours. I really love your bird book, it is such a lovely project. And as I have just been given an old typewriter that I hope to use, if I can get it to work! So many creative ideas buzz around in my head and so many unfinished pieces too, I should follow your advice and revisit some, new eyes and finish them.
    The Mother's Day post was just lovely, it showed how precious this day is and to share it with your family in such a wonderful way. It spoke on many levels about the important things in your life. It is such a beautiful place where you live and I enjoyed seeing your special place , the kites and the flowers and your family all together.
    I still have a whole pile of tea bags waiting to use, inspired by your work, maybe with my sepia ink. Glad to see flowers and know spring time has arrived after your very long winter, and that you are continuing to feel better.
    Thank you for your lovely comment. Glad you enjoyed seeing my work, I have really enjoyed looking at all of yours.
    Best wishes. Millyx

  12. wow this came out great! I love seeing the step by step here thank you!

    I'm host of the next DC if you'd like...please stop by :)