Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Off The List

As I have mentioned before I have many many unfinished projects.  
For a while I told myself to finish them before I moved on to new projects.  

BUT... that really doesn't work well, 
so I have given myself permission to work on creating whatever I feel like at the time.  

Because of that freedom, I worked on and finished this piece that has been sitting and waiting to be finished for so long. 

You know how it goes..... it is easier to do things when you don't HAVE to do them.

The base is made of a grid of plaster on a wooden cradle board (shallow box like structure)

Which I then painted, inked, scratched into and collaged onto, and finished with a thin layer of paste wax.

It is nice to check at least one thing off of my unfinished projects list! 


  1. Oh man.....unfinished many waiting for our attention. One year I just tossed a bunch of them in the bin, yikes!
    I really love your plaster grid. Something about a bird and a grid that is calming. Good for you!

  2. Check off that list with beautiful results. Love it.

  3. Oh my, it’s beautiful. I love your color palette! ♥♥♥♥

  4. Good job, Kim, getting to put a line through something on the old list! The textures of this piece are so beautiful.
    (I wore my necklace again today, and thanked you in my mind again).

  5. A very nice result--worth the wait! I like that the grid spaces are unequal, and as always, love your earthy palette.

  6. Love this piece - the grid and composition is fabulous! Sometimes what looks like procrastination is just creativity working . . . and the waiting is to enable you 'see' how you want to finish a piece.

  7. Stunning piece Kim! The deep textural aspect is so sculptural, artistic, and architectural at the same time. Nice! N, xo

  8. it's beautiful Kim! good things come to those who wait :)

  9. Yummy stuff, I can just imagine the lovely surface qualities. Glad you finished, must get on with my "to finish's"

  10. That's beautiful! Love that block that it's on...very creative!

  11. hurray for freedom! i love the markmaking in this piece!

  12. this is wonderful
    and unique
    plus gorgeous on the wall
    congratulations on one more thing completed, i love that feeling!

  13. Hi Kim , Thanks for checking out my page! I love your work:)