Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stumbling Along

Lately art making seems to be difficult for me.
 I seem to be stumbling through it.
Having such difficulty finding my way.
I  painted this piece. Then added bits of collage.
Decided I didn't like it.
Moved on.

Added some other scribbles and paint.
Still not content
Moved on.
Added more darker marks, -  some more subtle colour and some letters
better .... not great
Decided it was done away.

Moving on . . . in a stumbling kind of way.


  1. I think the finished result looks brilliant! Nothing wrong with stumbling through a piece...just means that it can't be rushed, and you aren't yet in a place mentally to take it to where it needs to go. But you certainly got there with this one!!!
    Dot x

  2. I agree with Dots. Love this piece and think you did a magnificent job.

  3. Not a stumble at all - just careful evaluation and adjustment as you go.

  4. I love it at the end, it's beautiful. I also love the first image, the lines look really dark - is that edited on the computer? I love the effect. Maybe we can get together for some art stumbling time in July. And to the rest of the world, it looks like absolutely perfection - not even a bit stumbly!

  5. Hi, Kim
    I recognize that stumbling feeling as part of the natural ebb and flow of ones creativity. For myself, I liken it to a rollercaster (maybe a sedate one) . We can trust that the stumbling times will lead again to marching, skipping and dancing with our brushes and paints!
    love, sus

  6. Oh yes, Kim, we artists have times of fumbling along. It seems to happen right before a big burst of creative growth!
    I hope you're enjoying better weather there as we sure aren't here! xo Carole

  7. despite your stumbling along the way Kim, this piece has a lovely strength. I imagine it will lead on to others like it ...

  8. I know just what you mean. I think creativity is like riding a wave. Sometimes you have to paddle like hell to catch one but when you do the ride is worth it. It ebbs and flows. We just have to be patient during the ebbing…..sigh
    And your 'ebbing' is still spectacular!

  9. I know how you feel, i'm in that same place at present, it may help to know that i've been following your blog whilst i'm feeling this way and constantly think "how can i achieve great art like you". I lovde all your work, it's always inspiring :) xx

  10. I love the piece but can empathize with your process. I've started pulling out old pieces and painting over them, completely redoing or just adding color and more definition. Sometimes it works. . . and other times the piece goes back into the closet til its next metamorphosis. I spend far more time thinking about what I want to do than the actual doing. . .sometimes weeks and months. But that is part of the satisfaction of getting to the point of the final brush stroke, isn't it?

  11. im finding it hard to be creative as well kimmy. I haven't blogged in so long!
    maybe this is a time where balance is off ad as you reminded be, just be gentle with yourself.
    I think your piece is beautiful! well done and thank you for sharing your raw and real being.

  12. I guess life would be too easy if we didn't stumble a bit. Carry on, as you get to some beautiful work in the end & it isn't the end really, just a chapter. I've enjoyed catching up with your beautiful bundles, the color blue, your sweet booklets & the next 6m of your calendar. Just lovely.

  13. Dear Kim, you stumble so gracefully! This is a lovely piece, I especially love the circular shape with the text inside of it. Reminding me of a garden in the moonlight. Have a lovely July!