Tuesday, June 4, 2013


See this leaf . . . .

it is a lupine leaf and I think they are beautiful.

Lupines also have beautiful flowers..... 
I took this picture last June,
but it is June again, and the lupines have started to bloom again.

But when I made this book, it was the lupine leaf that I wanted to use.  
I find its lovely shape to be simple yet beautiful. 
So I combined it with layers of tea bags, some paint and some ink to make the cover of a book.

I left the pages all blank, and its new owner can fill the pages any way she likes. 

The back cover also has a lupine leaf on it.  

I guess it is almost time to go out  and look for other plants to press and add to my collection. . . .

and at the same time enjoy the beautiful lupines.


  1. A gorgeous book cover Kim ..... wonder what you are going to do inside? Love the overlapping of tea bags - a lovely effect.

    1. It was actually given as a gift to a young friend of mine that wants to be a writer.

  2. Another beautiful book, Kim. Those brilliant blue lupines will make a great addition to the Search for Roy G Biv coming up! Your very belated yellow fabric prize will be on its way to you this week.--Julie

  3. oh I love that book, it´s beautiful!
    x Stefanie

  4. Just beautiful Kim!! Some one is going to love that little book!! :)

  5. I love lupines. The blue is so intense. Have you read the children's book "Miss Rumphius", by Barbara Cooney? Miss Rumphius is also known as "The Lupine Lady". You're right, the leaves are beautiful too. And you're book is lovely.

  6. Have you read the children's book called The Lupine Lady? It was one of our favourites just like your book will be for your friend.

  7. Carole and Lorraine - Thank you for the reminder of 'The Lupine Lady' - Yes I have read the book... the story and the images are both so very beautiful!

  8. Beautiful!! The leaf shape is just perfect on the cover. I have a few lupines struggling to make it in my garden! It's such a lovely flower.

  9. Lupines are such a happy sign of spring! I was just in Yakutat, which is not as far along in the season as we are down here, and the lupines were still a mass of wispy fuzz with just a hint of bluish purple. Magical, whether they are fully in bloom or not!

    I wore the lovely necklace you sent me when I went to town for the community Market held this evening. Its leafy image is enchanting, too!

  10. I love lupines but don't have any in my gardens. I love the book and the way you integrated the lupine leave into it. very nice.
    I was just going through a cupboard in my studio and saw my flower presses and thought I should go out and pick some that are in bloom to press for future projects.