Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Book for a Book

Some weeks ago a blogging friend asked me if I was interested in swapping our handmade journals,
Not long after that this amazing package arrived in the mail for me. I excitedly opened it ...

and inside was this lovely journal - with a beautifully decorated cover wrapped in a lovely piece of silk.

and although I love the whole package, the beautifully decorated pages inside the journal is my favourite part! A huge THANK YOU to Kim for making this for me!

In return I made her this little soft covered journal.

With sewn together posters to make up the inside pages. I so enjoyed making this book for Kim,

and it has inspired me to make more soft covered books

but now I have told myself no more book making until...

I catch up on the stack of handmade books I have made that need finishing. Yes I tend to make books to the point of them needing binding, and then it takes me a long time to finish them.

That being said, I'm off to make a new book..... I need to because it is for a friend, and none of the ones above are "perfect" for her...


  1. Isn’t getting a package in the mail the BEST? Such lovely books you have both made!

  2. Each and every one is a beautiful work of art ... what a great idea to exchange!

  3. Oh my! Your art is so inspiring! I'm so glad I found you. :-) I'm adding you to my blog roll on my side bar, I hope that's ok. Happy day to you!