Sunday, January 29, 2012

Play Time

I received some Pan pastels for Christmas, and hadn't yet played with them. I wasn't sure how to use them, but decided just to open them up and have some fun.

I started by drawing a scribbly unrealistic face, and then added some colour to it. I soon learned that the colours are pretty intense, and a little goes a long way.

I kept playing, and tried to use less colour ..... it didn't always work, but I did have fun.
I like the fact that you couldn't be too accurate with where the colour went.

At first I played on watercolour paper

but then inspired by Lynne Hoppe's work on old book pages I decided to give that a try.

I enjoyed how these looked, but continued to work at not laying down too much colour.

I think this was my favourite one.

and when I needed a break from drawing scribble faces, I drew a plant.

I enjoyed this creative time.

Although I am still not sure how you are supposed to use Pan Pastels..... but I guess that doesn't really matter.


  1. wow - I love these - especially the ones on old book pages. I've never tried pastels of any kind and never heard of pan pastels. They are so soft and your pallette is fantastic!

  2. Kim, I LOVE your gorgeous drawings... what fun you did have... I am slowly building up my pan pastel collection... they are incredibly fabulous to play with... my friend gave me the tray that they sit in for Christmas and that is wonderful too... your drawings are darling...

    Jenny x

  3. well i wish i could just scribble and end up with such beautiful faces..... the white added makes them pop too...i love pan pastels too , would love to know what colors you used as all mine are really bright :)

  4. Hi Kim, I think you have the Pan Pastels all figured out! I have used them some, but mostly for backgrounds...nothing like this. Your faces are beautiful!

  5. Oh Kim! I LOVE your faces! I’m not sure of the ‘correct’ way to use pan pastels either but I like using them. I like their unpredictability!

  6. These are beautiful!! I've never used pan pastels before, but it looks like you know what you are doing :)


  7. I love these beautiful faces! CONGRATS on your etsy shop and first sales, I am so excited for you! Can't wait to catch up with you soon hopefully, thanks for all your note while I've been away!

  8. Lucky you to get some Pan pastels for Christmas! I haven't tried them but you are making me want to. Did the water paper grab the colour more than the book pages? In the photos it looks like the water paper is coarser than the book pages. Which did you prefer to work on with the pans?

  9. What beautiful faces. I especially love the look of the faces on the printed pages. It sure looks like your enjoyed your pan pastels. I may need to try this myself.

  10. How fun to have a new medium. I only have a few pan pastels but have used them in abstract painting, then gone over with acrylics..rather smears together..just an idea. smiles: sharon

  11. By now I probably look like a creepy stalker but I'm totally loving your work - so happy to have found your blog! I've been curious about pan pastels -