Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Beauty

Winter where I live is long and usually cold with many hours of darkness. At the same time it is very beautiful. I have taken numerous pictures of the white mountains against the blue sky, but I have been itching to get out on a snowy day when the mountains can't be seen because of the low cloud, and I can explore the subtle colours.

I finally got our with my camera a few days ago. The temperature was warm (-8 celsius, +17 farenheit), and I spent a few hours taking pictures.

There was so much beauty everywhere I looked.

Even a branch with some fall leaves that never left the tree.

A bit of light came through the clouds in some areas.

and I loved the reddish browns of the willow bushes against the blues of the mountainside trees

the naked branches of winter trees always appeals to me

The clouds lifted a bit to show the small rounded mountains

and they were beautiful

no matter the angle that I looked at them.

I am glad I got out to explore the other day, as today I am staying warm indoors, as it is -40 degrees outside (-40 celsius is also -40 farenheit - the meeting point of the two scales)


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful views from your corner of the world. Stay warm!

  2. I now know from where your color palette comes from. Just beautiful!!

  3. Brrrrrrrrr! Lovely pictures, although I'm not sure if it's worth braving those temperatures!

  4. I cant imagine -40 in any scale, language or world. One brave woman!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh it's definitely worth getting out, come rain snow or shine if these wonderful scenes are what you see & those lovely photos are what you take. But yes, 40 in anything is quite unbelievable!

  6. You are a truly adventuresome woman...finding inspiration everywhere. I definitely fell in love with these photos...especially the red willow in context of other colors...and the definitely layered a layered pudding in a crystal bowl...texture and color....