Thursday, January 19, 2012

Silent Beauty

Yes it is another little accordian book...
This one shows the drawing of a flower I did some time ago. I love how it looks tied up waiting to be discovered.

It sits nicely on a ledge or a shelf both closed or wide open.

Here is the back side when it is sitting open.

I also like it sitting in a zigzagging manner. So many options.

And here is some close ups of the inside pages...

These accordian books seem to be all I want to work on lately!

(Even though what was really supposed to happen was the cleaning/organizing of the studio!)

This one is available for purchase at my Etsy store


  1. Very beautiful and i love the flower drawing. Off to see it on Etsy. x

  2. Your accordion book is the softness of colors and artwork. Fits in beautifully with the season of succumbing to more twilight hours....funny/interesting how the seasons affect us and our art.

  3. All your accordion books are lovely. Your love for making them shows in each one.
    Great "My Shop" sign!

  4. I love your color palette! It's always very warm and inviting. Isn't it funny how we get in a 'groove' of creating multiples sometimes? Keep up the lovely work!

  5. It is beautiful. I think when you really enjoy doing something it shows through. it has a really nice feel to it, a real treasure.

  6. Your work is lovely. Your accordion book is beautiful. I also love your photos the leaves are gorgeous! I love the warm earthy colours you use. I am very drawn to those colours.