Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bird on a Block

I still am enjoying working in this style.... but instead of working in a mini book...

this was created on a wooden block. I added some pheasant feathers to it that my husband got from a friend. There are no pheasants around my neck of the woods.

It has the words "silent findings" in the top corner.

I love how it looks on the ledge as I climb the stairs to my home studio.

The back view - that I signed and titled.
I debated putting a hanger on the back, but in the end left it this way.

I still feel like there are more of these types of creations in me yet.... so I will continue and following the muse where she leads me.

ETSY UPDATE: I have added the above necklace as well as the bird on a block to my Etsy Shop..... The shop is taking me a long time to get it to a state that I am happy with, hopefully I will get it there soon!


  1. Lovely 'bird on a block'! Keep following that muse!

  2. I love your bird on a block and the way you decorated the back.
    Your necklace is so lovely too!

  3. I Love the birdy block, it's gorgeous!!

  4. It's lovely Kim! I like that you finished the back also.

  5. I like your art and your profile statement......and your name.....ginger henkel....

  6. Hello, it was lovely to find your comment. I do love your work and that you use nature as your inspiration. The little book with your drawings are beautiful and your use of tea bags, so lovely. I am glad to have found you too.