Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Bundle of Inspiration

I love the beautiful creations at Be... Dream... Play...
 This creation inspired me to make my own little bundle book.
I bundled some pages and sticks,
 a tea bag decorated cover
 and a strip of sewn fabric to create this little book.
The pages were decorated with splashes of walnut ink, 
 bits of ink
 and pieces of decorated paper.
The tea bag cover is actually two tea bags glued together for strength,
with layers of paint, ink and stampings,
a photo I took a few years ago,
and finished off with a layer of wax.

A whole bundle of inspiration wrapped together.
(thanks eb)


  1. This is gorgeous - not surprised to see you here with a comment Jo how wonderful is it!!! Wow - I am catching up after a week writing tenders and this is so inspiring!! Thanks!!

  2. It's lovely Kim. Such a delicate homemade look to it..a real treasure!

  3. what a beautiful bundle Kim

  4. Maybe your little books will inspire me--they are so beautiful. It has been so hard to sit down and focus on one project (fear of "failure", though it is well past time to let that feeling go).

    A perfect title for this post!

  5. Your pics of your pieces are like an inspiration dream. You mange to achieve a perfect mix of minimalist and random and wabi sabi all in one.

  6. I love how you were inspired by eb and then created something uniquely you -- the tea bags are you and what you created is gorgeous!

  7. eb is such an inspiration. and so are you and this treasure of a book!

  8. This is a gem of a book, really delicate and ephemeral but with strength and elegance. My first thought was that I want to go into my studio and tear up some paper for a book. So, inspirational, as well!

  9. This is wonderful! I immediately went into my studio and stamped on a tea bag, to remind myself of this.

  10. No kidding this is a bundle of inspiration Kim. Delicious this is. Delish!!!!!! Love it. Please make more if you are in the mood. Please sell them. Please let me know they are for sale if you do. N, xo

  11. P.S. Of course this has inspired me and no sooner did I hit the send button, than (then?) I heard talking Robins in the rain. They always yak away in the rain. Now I feel like throwing myself into robins and teabags and papers, and, and, and. I have no time today. Drat! N, x

  12. oh this is soooooo wonderful!
    x Stefanie

  13. So beautiful ! Love the softness that comes from that waxed tea bag. And the bundled sticks are a perfect accessory.
    I happen to love your inspiration very much too !
    Happy magic making !

  14. ma è splendido.. anche fresca...idea fantastica complimenti

  15. Oh!!! I love this book, your bundle is SO beautiful... as though opening it will tell us the secrets of the earth itself with all of its layers and mystery.

  16. I love Elizabeth's style as well and you did a great job making it your own. You're an inspiration in your own right! Thanks for sharing this delightful bundle of joy.